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  COVID-19 INFORMATION 2021-2022

Updated August 19, 2021

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a trying time for everyone. Schools are no exception. I remain extremely proud of how quickly our faculty, staff, and students adjusted in the spring of 2020 in the midst of one of the biggest challenges we have all faced. 2021-2022 will be unique in its own way as we continue to adapt to changes in how we conduct schooling.

While there will be continual changes in plans as we proceed and while flexibility will be required on everyone’s part, one thing that will not change is our mission. We remain focused on growing our students into becoming “Champions and Ambassadors” by:

  • Providing challenging, authentic, relevant learning situations.
  • Providing a flexible and integral learning environment in which all stakeholders work independently and/or collaboratively to solve problems.
  • Promoting student ownership of their educational process.
  • Incorporating current technologies in teaching and learning.
  • Nurturing each student’s sense of self-worth and contribution to the school community.
  • Modeling and encouraging respectful and equitable treatment of others so that all students achieve the levels of knowledge and skill required for working, living, and learning in a knowledge-based society.

This world event has forced us to refocus on this mission and has given us an opportunity to examine everything we do and to re-imagine all aspects of our operations. The result is that we have become more innovative and creative in learning processes and in implementing new techniques and technologies. As a silver lining, this crisis has helped to position East Clinton to thrive moving forward.

I am sure that regardless of what this looks like moving forward, not everyone will be happy. The pandemic will continue to push all our systems to their limits, including family/home systems. We are very aware of how our decisions impact your home life and schedules. The decisions that have been made have been done so by working in cooperation with many entities including the Clinton County Health Department and in line with guidelines from the State of Ohio. While there are certainly pros and cons in any decision that could be made, we centered our decision-making around the health and safety of our students. Again, please understand that any plan will be fluid as circumstances change. We will be as responsive to individual needs as possible, while keeping the health and safety at the forefront of any adjustments or changes.

In moving forward, our desire will be focused on working toward a completely full-time schedule. We will work toward that within the framework that is provided to us by the State of Ohio and the Health Department. As with school year 2020-2021, we will have at our disposal the “Stop Light” system with green, yellow and red being the indicators for the school operations. While this "Stop Light” system is available for use, it is our desire and goal to remain in a full in-person setting throughout the entire year.

At all possible points we will operate in the Green indicator. “Green” is a full go approach. All students would attend every day. This would be the “normal” day. In a green model, we would continue best practices of washing hands, sanitizing facilities, and other precautions. Green is our goal. If we can remain at green at all points throughout the year, we will do so.

The “Yellow” approach will be a blend of both in-person and remote learning. In yellow, we can best accomplish the social distancing guidelines and limit any potential exposure. Students would be divided into an “A” group and a “B” group. “A” students would attend on Monday and Tuesday. “B” students would attend on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be a complete remote schedule.

The “Red” approach is a completely remote setting. Moving to red would be based on local circumstances surrounding Covid-19. Any decision to move to red would be made in cooperation with the Health Department or dictated by the State of Ohio.