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Directory Information Includes: Last Name, First Name, Position, Website, Email

Debbie Anderson
Last NameAnderson, First NameDebbie
PositionTreasurer's Office
WebsiteExt. 60105
Alison Bond
Last NameBond, First NameAlison
WebsiteExt. 60110
Josh Brakeall
Last NameBrakeall, First NameJosh
PositionTechnology Technician
WebsiteExt. 10212
Pam Jones
Last NameJones, First NamePam
PositionTechnology Technician
WebsiteExt. 10209
Jason Jones
Last NameJones, First NameJason
PositionDirector of Curriculum and Instruction
WebsiteExt. 60104
Bonnie Kelly
Last NameKelly, First NameBonnie
PositionAdministrative Assistant
WebsiteExt. 60102
Ben King
Last NameKing, First NameBen
PositionMaintenance Technician
WebsiteExt. 10577
Angela Luttrell
Last NameLuttrell, First NameAngela
PositionEMIS/Central Registrar
WebsiteExt. 60103
Eric Magee
Last NameMagee, First NameEric
WebsiteExt. 60101
James McDowell
Last NameMcDowell, First NameJim
PositionDirector of Operations
WebsiteExt. 50102
Katrina Rupp
Last NameRupp, First NameKatrina
WebsiteExt. 60108
Steve Sodini
Last NameSodini, First NameSteven
PositionSpecial Education Director
WebsiteExt. 60107
John Stanley
Last NameStanley, First NameJohn
WebsiteExt. 60106
Tom Stone
Last NameStone, First NameTom
PositionMaintenance Technician
Shelly Wellman
Last NameWellman, First NameShelly
PositionGifted Education
WebsiteExt. 40676
Anne Woodruff
Last NameWoodruff, First NameAnne
PositionFood Service Director
WebsiteExt. 50628