Directory Information Includes: Last Name, First Name, Position, Website, Email

Cindy Anderson
Last NameAnderson, First NameCindy
WebsiteExt. 23621
Lorrie Arnold
Last NameArnold, First NameLorrie
PositionLearning Loss Instructor
WebsiteExt. 23677
Howard Arthur
Last NameArthur, First NameHoward
PositionEnglish/Language Arts
WebsiteExt. 23166
Tamra Bartley
Last NameBartley, First NameTamra
WebsiteExt. 23620
Laura Brown
Last NameBrown, First NameLaura
WebsiteExt. 24142
Brooke Caraway
Last NameCaraway, First NameBrooke
WebsiteExt. 23162
Sarah Creech
Last NameCreech, First NameSarah
PositionSocial Studies
WebsiteExt. 23234
Amy Crowe
Last NameCrowe, First NameAmy
PositionAthletic Coordinator
WebsiteExt. 24129
Kaitlyn Dawson
Last NameDawson, First NameKaitlyn
WebsiteExt. 23163
Leah Deck
Last NameDeck, First NameLeah
PositionSchool Nurse
Lori Dove
Last NameDove, First NameLori
WebsiteExt. 23403
Casey Dunham
Last NameDunham, First NameCasey
WebsiteExt. 23235
Cheryl Fenstermacher
Last NameFenstermacher, First NameCheryl
PositionKitchen Faculty
WebsiteExt. 24113
Cassandra Findley
Last NameFindley, First NameCassandra
PositionSocial Worker
WebsiteExt. 23503
April Flowers
Last NameFlowers, First NameApril
PositionAssistant Principal HS/MS
WebsiteExt. 24108 HS 23522 MS
Alicia Gee
Last NameGee, First NameAlicia
PositionIntervention Specialist
WebsiteExt. 23161
Jordan Greene
Last NameGreene, First NameJordan
PositionEnglish/Language Arts
WebsiteExt. 23165
Dena Gruber
Last NameGruber, First NameDena
PositionKitchen Manager
WebsiteExt. 24115
Lora Johnson
Last NameJohnson, First NameLora
PositionKitchen Faculty
WebsiteExt. 24113
April Jones
Last NameJones, First NameApril
WebsiteExt. 23311
Jason Jones
Last NameJones, First NameJason
PositionDirector of Curriculum and Instruction
WebsiteExt. 25104
Anthony Joseph
Last NameJoseph, First NameAnthony
PositionHealth/ Physical Education
WebsiteExt. 24127
Michelle Lewis
Last NameLewis, First NameMichele
WebsiteExt. 23236
Laura Lynch
Last NameLynch, First NameLaura
PositionSocial Studies
WebsiteExt. 23169
Mistie Manicho
Last NameManicho, First NameMistie
PositionEnglish/Language Arts
WebsiteExt. 23230
Jeremy McGraw
Last NameMcGraw, First NameJeremy
PositionAthletic Director
WebsiteExt. 24630
Peggy McPherson-Jeffries
Last NameMcPherson-Jeffries, First NamePeggy
PositionEnglish/Language Arts
WebsiteExt. 23167
Matthew Melnek
Last NameMelnek, First NameMatthew
WebsiteExt. 23615
Sarah Melnek
Last NameMelnek, First NameSarah
PositionInstructional Coach
WebsiteExt. 24629
Don Melson
Last NameMelson, First NameDon
WebsiteExt. 23576
Sam Minge
Last NameMinge, First NameSam
WebsiteExt. 24143
Eric Obrynba
Last NameObrynba, First NameEric
PositionSpeech Pathologist
WebsiteExt. 23307
Steven Olds
Last NameOlds, First NameSteven
PositionAlternative Education Placement Aide
WebsiteExt. 24200
Andrew Ramsay
Last NameRamsay, First NameAndrew
WebsiteExt. 23170
Nancy Reeves
Last NameReeves, First NameNancy
PositionSocial Studies
WebsiteExt. 23168
Dee Rein
Last NameRein, First NameDee
PositionKitchen Faculty
WebsiteExt. 24113
Jennifer Roberts
Last NameRoberts, First NameJennifer
Melissa Runk
Last NameRunk, First NameMelissa
PositionKitchen Faculty
WebsiteExt. 24113
Katrina Rupp
Last NameRupp, First NameKatrina
WebsiteExt. 25108
Sara Shaner
Last NameShaner, First NameSara
WebsiteExt. 23237
Thomas Sodini
Last NameSodini, First NameThomas
PositionIntervention Specialist
WebsiteExt. 24102
Steve Sodini
Last NameSodini, First NameSteven
PositionSpecial Education Director
WebsiteExt. 25107
Shelley Sole
Last NameSole, First NameShelley
Teri Stauffer
Last NameStauffer, First NameTerri
PositionIntervention Specialist
WebsiteExt. 23233
Doug Stehlin
Last NameStehlin, First NameDoug
WebsiteExt. 23229
Carol Strong
Last NameStrong, First NameCarol
PositionIntervention Specialist
WebsiteExt. 23238
Valerie Stuckey
Last NameStuckey, First NameValerie
PositionSchool Counselor
WebsiteExt. 23625
Kari Terrell
Last NameTerrell, First NameKari
PositionIntervention Specialist
WebsiteExt. 23226
Cerennia Vance
Last NameVance, First NameCerrenia
WebsiteExt. 23311
Joseph Voshall
Last NameVoshall, First NameJoseph
PositionSafety Officer
WebsiteExt. 24550
Douglas Wait
Last NameWait, First NameDouglas
WebsiteExt. 23164
Shelly Wellman
Last NameWellman, First NameShelly
PositionGifted Education
WebsiteExt. 23223
Chelsea Wigginton
Last NameWigginton, First NameChelsea
Shelby Williams
Last NameWilliams, First NameShelby
Kathy Wilson
Last NameWilson, First NameMary (Kathy)
WebsiteExt. 23576