Library Rules and Expectations


This year we will only be able to check out one book at a time. The duration remains the same two weeks for check out. There have been many books lost and not returned to our library or damaged. We must work on being responsible for someone else’s property so we can maintain a library for all students. If you have a lost or damaged book a charge will be added to your student account to enable replacement of lost book. Payments must be received as soon as possible and can be paid online through the school if you prefer.

You also can search our books available online through the Middle School web page. By going to ECMS page, click MEDIA CENTER and two search options appear. Click on either one, then search by author, title of book, subject. A list of books will then appear giving you location in library to find book and if it is available.

The library is a quiet place to read, study, work on assignments. My expectations are for a quiet, respectful, and safe place. Please follow these rules: push in chair, clean up debris around your workspace, work quietly.

I am excited this year to see everyone return to the library to check out books.

Thank you.

Mrs. Dove