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  • Conduct a self and student wellness check daily including temperature prior to sending a student to school. Students with temperatures of 100°F and above should stay home.
  • Provide a face covering for your student to wear on school transportation.
  • Limit visits to school as much as possible, including visits to drop off forgotten items.
  • Wearing a face covering is highly recommended for visitors when entering district facilities.
  • Ensure contact information is up to date in the event the nurse needs to contact home, including a personal email.
  • Ensure there are multiple, pre-arranged methods of getting a student home from school should they become ill or exhibit symptoms.


  • Students are generally expected to maintain physical distance of at least three feet where possible, minimize contact with large groups, and avoid common areas as appropriate.
  • It is REQUIRED that ALL students wear face coverings when using school transportation.
  • Wash hands / use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the school day.
  • Follow specific health and safety recommendations communicated by district staff and administration.


  • East Clinton staff members are generally expected to maintain physical distance of at least three feet where possible, minimize contact with large groups, and avoid common areas (lobby, teacher’s lounge, front office, counselor’s area) as appropriate.
  • All staff will be required to check temperature upon entering the building.
  • Wash hands / use hand sanitizer regularly
  • Follow specific health and safety protocols communicated by district or administration.
  • Custodial staff will follow all cleaning protocols.
  • All staff will report daily, including on remote learning days.


  • Students will be placed in assigned seats.
  • Face coverings are required.
  • Buses will load from back to front and students will maintain their assigned seats. Buses will empty front to back.
  • Bus windows will be down, weather permitting.
  • Siblings will sit together.
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing while at the bus stop and while entering the school building.
  • Sit and remain in your assigned seat facing forward while riding the bus.


Surfaces will be cleaned frequently, paying close attention to high touch areas. In addition to regular routine cleaning and disinfecting, the district will have all touch points professionally disinfected using EPA registered antimicrobial coating that provides a 30 day protection against germs and viruses (including the COVID-19 virus) even with routine cleaning.

East Clinton will work with the Clinton County Health Department to determine if additional measures must be taken if a school closure is warranted due to an outbreak.


East Clinton Local Schools are committed to serving all of our students with special education needs. We will be using a variety of models, instructional strategies, and accommodations to support students with disabilities.

If you have any questions regarding your student’s IEP or 504 services, please contact the special education office by calling 937-584-7005 or emailing